Best Apps for Small Business Owners



Want to start or grow a business? It’s time to make technology work for you. Smartphone apps aren’t just for taking neat pictures and chatting with friends; these apps can help you drum up new business, manage your expenses, manage payroll, track ad campaigns and more.


Small Business Inventory Control Pro

This tool helps product-based businesses track product inventories, vendor payments, and more with reports on the retail value of your inventory, inventory cost, and your 30-day turnover ratio. Small Business Inventory Control Pro costs $259, but a free trial is available.



With Square, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile credit card machine. Attach the Square dongle to your device and swipe the card before handing the device to your customer to sign.


Snap Payroll

This handy employee paycheck calculator allows you to easily write paychecks and answer questions about payroll. All you need to do is enter the number of hours an employee worked with their hourly rate and Snap Payroll handles the rest. It stays updated with the latest tax laws as well.



This invoicing system has plenty to offer: it’s completely customizable to your business, priced well compared to most invoicing systems, and it allows you to do everything from adding shipping costs and billing to credit cards to adding late fees for past-due invoices and issuing quotes. You can also use the reports to get a better look at your cash flow. Try the free trial or purchase KBilling for $149.



Accounting have you down? While managing your books isn’t fun, Xero makes it easy with a web-based system that’s intuitive, affordable, and versatile. It includes mobile options to help you manage your finances on the go with additional features like invoicing and payroll at $30 a month or multi-currency support at $49 per month. It works much like Quickbooks but it’s easier to use.


Email Hunter

Want to make sure your email gets to the right person? Rather than sending an email to a generic company address, use Email Finder to quickly find all email addresses associated with a domain. You can then go through the list to find the exact email for the person you want to contact.



Business connections are everything when you’re trying to start and grow your business. As an entrepreneur, you probably spend a large amount of time networking and in meetings, but it can be hard to remember the details of who someone is and how you met based on a business. Humin remembers everything for you, including how and where you met a contact, while combining your contacts with dialing and voice mailbox features.