Author: Guru Pandyar

Meeting With Potential Investors? Here’s How To Prepare

  Nearly all startups struggle to get funding. There are a number of obstacles that startups can face, and many of these difficulties are specific to particular startups. But funding is an obstacle all around. When entrepreneurs struggle to get funding for their startups, it is easy for them to feel defeated. But getting investors doesn’t have to be impossible.… Read more →

International Entrepreneurs: Forbes’ Billionaire List

Each year, Forbes publishes a list of the world’s billionaires. In 2016, this list comprised 1,810 people. What is interesting to see is all the international billionaires on the list. Here are a few of them.   Bernie Ecclestone Bernie Ecclestone the chief executive for Formula 1. Hailing from Suffolk, England, he oversees the prominent racing series. Born the son… Read more →

Business Plan Essentials

Every business must start with the strongest of documents: a solid business plan. A business plan is crucial to success because it lays the foundation for the businesses practices, procedures, vision for the future and financial sustainability. Any business that does not have a business plan is more likely to experience rocky and troubling times, versus a business that is… Read more →

Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur: Part 2

A successful entrepreneur is a multi faceted individual. In part 1 of this two part post, we introduced some of the characteristics that make an entrepreneur successful. Here in part 2, we will continue that discussion with some more of the personality traits that do the same. 1. Master the art of negotiations. Successful entrepreneurs are master negotiators. They know… Read more →

Crowdfunding 101 for small businesses

Finding the funding necessary for new businesses can be a daunting task. Obtaining capital for a venture is one of the biggest challenges that startups have. This is where the practice of crowdfunding can be a huge help to small businesses. Fundable describes crowdfunding this way:   Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family,… Read more →